Junior Fullstack Developer

Problem solving is at the core of my work ethic.

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Problem Solving Over a Coffee.

Software Engineering

Projects focused around software engineering and development.

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Telegram Based Client-controlled Cloud Storage

Telecloud revolutionizes Telegram by turning it into a personal cloud storage platform, offering serverless file upload and download capabilities. Completely under your control and self-hostable, this bot ensures secure file management, making it a reliable and private solution for your digital storage needs.


Scrape All Public Pastebin Uploads & Store Them

ScrapeBin is a tool designed to automatically scrape and optionally export public pastes from Pastebin.com. With a single click, users can efficiently collect data from thousands of public submissions made daily on the popular platform, streamlining data acquisition and analysis.

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Web based system resource monitor dashboard.

SysV is a system resource monitor dashboard website that provides real-time insights into computer system performance. Users can easily track CPU, memory, and disk usage, helping them optimize their systems and prevent issues before they arise. SysV offers a user-friendly interface for seamless monitoring..

Bitcoin Wallet

Fully Functional Self-hosted Bitcoin Wallet

This Bitcoin wallet web app supports sending and receiving transactions through a clean, minimalistic user interface. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, it allows users to manage their cryptocurrency efficiently, making it an essential part of any digital currency portfolio.

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UX/UI Design

Showcasing my modern and adaptive design skills.

Cloud Hosting Provider

Cloud computing designed with simplicity in mind

This UX design project centers around a cloud hosting website, emphasizing user comfort through a soft color palette and intuitive navigation, offering a serene and approachable digital environment for managing web hosting needs.

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Apple Clone

Apple Site Replica: Showcasing CSS and Structuring Skills

Explore my meticulously crafted Apple website clone, where I honed advanced CSS modeling and page structuring techniques. This project demonstrates my ability to recreate sophisticated designs with precision, enhancing my web development skills and attention to detail.

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